Why is America fat?

For sure, I don’t know. But I can speculate on this.

On the very early days of my dieting, I started to feel a very strange sensation in my mouth, primarily, and also in my body. It felt like if something was lacking. I had been eating properly, so I was not hungry. Still, that strange sensation lingered.

I started to verbalize what I was lacking, and to say “I need something”, “I need something”, and then I discovered it. It was not an oral fixation, it was not the need to have something to chew, or something to suck on. Simply put, I was addicted to tasting.

Yes, that is what it was. I just needed to stimulate my taste buds with whatever was necessary and available. It was a constant need to taste something, and after that, to taste something else. I am not sure of the psychological implications of dieting, but that is what I was going through. It was like if my body was telling my mouth to go and taste something because the body needed it. But no, it’s purely and solely the mouth wanting to be stimulated with different tastes.

And here is where I go into my speculation on obesity. If you are addicted to taste, chances are that you will sneak anything available to you. More than likely, you will put together a selection of items that you want to taste, and eat it all despite being full.

Take snacks for instance. If you serve yourself a bowl of not so good snacks, you are overeating. Think about grabbing a little sweet, like a candy bar. You are overeating. Making yourself a little sandwich may be okay, but putting those chips, adding mayonnaise and having a sweetened drink will turn into overeating. All because your taste buds are deprived of something to taste.

This constant overeating, paired with lack of exercise are one of the reasons for obesity, not including the media, the food companies, food trends, restaurants, and some wrong education we have received.

To come, a take on the fast food industry.


Back from the ashes

“I won’t compare myself to the phoenix. That is preposterous”. Quoting myself, right now.

And here I am. Back on a diet. I can’t believe that practically a whole year went by from my last post. But it has. And my quest has been restarted.

To re-state my purpose, I am getting back on a diet. I love to eat, to think about food, culture, gastronomy, trends, etc., but being overweight is annoying. Going on a diet while you are “me” is hard, but it is not impossible.

On my absent year (2014), I have been able to maintain my weight under control. Well, not really. At the end of the year, after the many parties, get togethers, dinners, and celebratory drinking, I did put on some pounds. I went from my 213 lbs. to about 223 lbs., so about 10 lbs. increase. Considering that I am still bloated from all the beer drinking, late snacks, cocktails and plain garbage that I chowed down, I don’t feel that is accurate, or too bad. I may drop about 5 lbs. after I detox. Seriously.

I must say that I enjoyed being off the diet. I was able to eat whatever I wanted. I never really over ate, but I ate all the nasty stuff you could think of. Dieting in 2013 really made a bit of a responsible eater, to myself and my body, at least.

Anyway, so here I go again… on a diet.

Quick Recap

First of all, sorry to have been out of the loop for so long. Stuff just happens.

If you are interested in my weight, well, I am kind of stuck at 213 lb. That number must have some type of esoteric meaning because I have been there quite a while, so if you know what 213 lb. means, please shoot me a message with a quick, or detailed, explanation.

If you are now wondering how the hell someone gets stuck at 213 lb. for about two months, well, all I can say is that December is the month following Thanksgiving, and that in itself is a rough ride. Of course, December IS party time, so you get the idea.

January, on the other hand, is the month when everyone goes on a diet. In the case of dieters, it’s probably the month when you get back on your diet. For foodies who are on a diet, of course, is the month when you slowly wind down from eating delicious stuff, when you go out of your way to eat the things that you missed the most, when you sneak an extra meal, when you finally run into that beer you have been wanting to try, when the parties keep coming, when nobody wants to get serious and go on a diet, and when you find the only Philippine restaurant in the nation and it is awesome!

But … I’m back on my diet, and possibly in a couple of days, I’ll be announcing my new weight, possibly at a loss of pounds. Hehe!

The worst foods I just discovered

In terms of dieting, that is. Don’t think that I am about to blast certain dishes, or world cuisines, I love them all the same. What I have discovered, though, it that if you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy (dieting is such a horrendous word), there are certain things that you must stir away from.

Number one is cheese. You can actually start thinking of cheese as a solid form of oil or fat. I knew before that the protein amount in cheese was at par with meats, but I never really cared to find out about the fat percentage. As I now know, a piece of cheese contains a lot of fat, no matter what cheese, except for the low fat stuff that tastes like plastic and doesn’t melt under heat, the stuff that catches on fire before it melts.

Number two is barbecue ribs. That stuff is loaded with fat, maybe one of the fattest parts of the pig. If you are wondering what about pork bellies and bacon, refer to the title of the post. Yes, ribs are so fattening that eating one tiny rib is like eating a chicken breast. No good, I stay hungry. And that is not even adding the BBQ sauce, based with vinegar, ketchup, molasses and sugar. This is crazy.

Number three is avocado. Now this one hit me hard. What type of vegetable could be fattening? I thought this was a mistake. But no, make no mistake about it, avocado is full of oils, and the reason why Puerto Rican girls eat rice and avocado, you know, to get that junk. Not only that, but think about going to a Mexican restaurant and not ordering a bowl of guacamole? Insanity, I cannot order melted cheese, now guacamole is out too?

Number four is nuts in general. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, etc. They are also fatty foods. This one didn’t shock me because I know of peanut oil and almond oil, but I never thought it would be a bad choice to have some nuts, specially since they come in those “healthy” trail mixes, which let me tell you, are garbage.

And this leads me to number five, which is dried fruits. This one is not a shocker, but it’s more of a WTF. I could understand one vegetable being fattening (avocado), but fruits that have been dried are no good for dieters? The same fruit is OK if you eat it before it is dried, what is the difference? I guess sugar content has a lot to do with it.

So there you go, if you are trying to lose weight, take the items on my list off your pantry and take them to your workplace so that you co-workers think you are the coolest, most generous person in the world. Share them and enjoy the high fives. Of course, your real motives need not be disclosed.


Yeah! Woohoo! First of all, I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to post these entries, but here is a fresh one.

As far as my diet goes, everything is under control. I keep losing weight (although not as fast as I would want to), but I still have a goal in sight. Matter of fact, this week I finally turned back time and reached my comfortable spot at 220 lbs, officially rewinding time to about sixteen months ago, before I gained my freshman fifteen, even though I am not in college. I had almost forgot what it was to be “just” fat. In other words, right now I just feel fat. Before, I felt super fat.

Anyway, if you have been following my rants, you know that I have been doing a little bit of cocktailing around, the real kind, I wasn’t chasing tail. What I had failed to mention is that I also have been doing a little bit of beer tasting. Yeah, I could even say that I am becoming a little bit of a hop head (or beer geek). And to quote my drunken partners, “beer is liquid bread”, so it’ll get you fat quickly. But what can you do? Most of us won’t even pass the chance to have crappy beer, imagine what happens when the good stuff is right in front of you!

To add insult to injury, and if you have been following my rants, Miami Spice is still in full swing. I have not been very active these past two months, but I have managed to sneak a couple of visits here and there. My most memorable moment would be eating a French cheese with peaches, ironically called a peach salad. The cheese was exquisite, that is needless to say. The cheese was like a brie, topped with Roquefort, and all not too strong but pungent and soft. I could not leave it behind. Two pieces of cheese: 10,000 calories. Or at least that’s how it felt like.

But like I said, I am still trucking. I am starting to get the bad idea of having an “off-diet” day, but I think it will just mess everything up. The truth is, once you start eating the good stuff, you just can’t quit.

Damn, I’m addicted to good food.


Wow! 28 days out of the loop

I knew that I had stopped writing, but I didn’t think that I had stopped writing for so long. At most I thought that I was out for 3 week, but 4 weeks? Ding dong. Hello?

What can I say? After my last post when I shared the fact that I had hit a bump, all I can say is that it’s been a bumpy ride. I am one day away from my next weigh-in, and I think I have only loss 4lb in a month. My expected, and hoped for number, is 8lb per month, although I wouldn’t mind losing 10lbs. So the past 28 days have been rough on me.

But there isn’t really much I can do about it. Time is gone and the 4lbs remained attached to me. And I am not cutting my hand or another part of my body (I know what you’re thinking) to alleviate the extra weight. So, I just have to crank it up.

By the way, Miami Spice Restaurant month is in full swing still. I did visit a couple of the coolest spots, although I won’t say that I was derailed by such. I’ve just gone through, how can I say this, foodie nostalgia. Yes, two months without getting a healthy dose of beer, chicken wings, pizza, pasta, cake, fried stuff, it is not easy to be a glutton who specifically likes to eat fatty and starchy stuff.

Needless to say, I get the last laugh, because I am still dedicated to losing the weight, because I am still losing weight (at snail pace, to my standard), because I see myself in the mirror and I want to see that guy who used to weigh less than 200lbs, because I feel really good, because I haven’t given up delicious food (even though I have to eat it in moderation), and because people give me those compliments that we, human beings, so much desperately need.


And we hit a bump …

So, finally my crazy eating regimen has collided with what I am trying to do: lose weight. On my weigh in this morning, I found out that I had lost no weight at all this week. Hmm.

I attribute this to the following causes: 1) a large plate of fettuccini alfredo that I had Tuesday night after I came back from a soccer match. The sporting soiree was not interesting, but I was super hungry and I had just lost 10 lb. I thought I deserved a treat. Of course, things don’t end there. 2) A large plate of “gallo pinto”, a “queso frito” and a piece of carne asada. This was my lunch the following day. In retrospect, it looks like I was going on a little binge eating. For those not familiar with the terms, “gallo pinto” is rice and beans made by Nicaraguans. “Queso frito” is white cheese, cut as a thick slice, and deep fried, and carne asada is just grilled meat seasoned with limes and oranges. Sounds good, tastes better. If you see a sign somewhere that says “fritanga”, that is where you will find those dishes. As an addendum, not that it matters, I had salad also.

The rest of the week was a normal dietary schedule, filled with healthy stuff, salads, and some exercise, until 3) pub crawl on South Beach. I did have a very healthy meal to make room for the cocktails I was planning on imbibing, but I guess I went a little overboard. Needless to say, we hit the best cocktail bars and said hello to the best mixologists in Miami. But we got too friendly and we drank too much.

And that was my week in review, with my failing to lose weight. I still feel good, I just went on an awesome bike ride and I’m on top of the world. I also think that I may be retaining a lot of fluids because I feel like a jello shot. I just will be more careful on the next pub crawl.

I wonder … maybe it was 4) eating a cheese steak sandwich after the pub crawl. I ate that thing in slow motion. Too funny.